Respect the present, treat yourself kindly, forget the past and never mention the aftermath.


To live beautifully, we should learn to decorate our lives, keep fit, love reading, learn to make up, and make ourselves a delicate and connotative person.


There are too many stories without endings. You have to get used to meeting and leaving. Years will remember your tender and sincere heart.


The strongest feeling in the world is not “I love you”, but “I am used to having you”. Dependence on each other is the deepest love.


Even if the world is deserted, there will always be someone who will be your follower.


Life must have cracks in order for sunlight to shine in. There are bumps on the road, and talents become strong.


Life is a long period of self-entertainment. It is only smart to please others. It is wisdom to please oneself every day.


Please forgive me for having a clear love and hate in my life.


The world is really small, like a turn, you don’t know who you will meet; the world is really big, like a turn, you don’t know who will disappear.


People’s hearts, in general, do not die in major events, but those small disappointments once and again, become fatal wounds.


Not confused in the heart, not trapped in the feelings. Don’t fear the future, don’t miss the past. Live your life indifferently. Don’t be vigorous, just be at ease. So, good.


Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry. Ten years later, everything is just drinking and cooking.


When time wears away your enthusiasm, you will find that those who once made you hysterical and persistent have become dispensable.


The best way to live is to be quiet and prosperous when you are alone and warm and steady when you are two.


The person who really wants to give you something will not ask you if you want it or not. When someone asks you if you want it, you’d better refuse it.


No matter how good you are, there will always be people who do not cherish you; fortunately, in the end, all those who do not cherish will become the past.


Time will tell us that simple love, the longest; ordinary company, the most secure; understand your people, the warmest.


Don’t meet the right person too early. Everyone you meet in life, the order of appearances is really important. Many people will have different outcomes if they know each other at another time.


Real strength belongs to those who weep in bed at night and do nothing during the day.


When a person has survived the hardest time, he no longer wants to look for support. Everyone is burdened.


Everyone will be tired, no one can bear all the sadness for you, people always have to learn to grow up.


Give all unhappiness to yesterday, all hope to tomorrow, all efforts to today.


Because loneliness is the norm of life, companionship is particularly precious.


If there is no goodbye from now on, may I be free and easy, may you be happy, if there is a chance to meet in the future, may I be calm, and may you be calm.